Important Update
On May 7, 2023, during our public worship service, a duly called for church-wide vote was taken to approve a set of bylaws governing our congregation moving forward.  The newly adopted bylaws may be accessed here
Denominational Affiliation Discernment
Over the past year our congregation has undertaken a Discernment Process in order to articulate clarity regarding our mission and core values, and the best denominational affiliation for our congregation's future.  We have looked at remaining United Methodist, transferring to a new or different Methodist denomination, or becoming an independent (non-denominational) congregation as options for consideration.
THE DECISION  As a result of congregational voting April 1, 2023, our congregation formally decided to (a) disaffiliate from the United Methodist denomination (UMC), and to (b) become a member congregation of the Global Methodist Church (GMC).  Our application to the GMC has been accepted, and pending completion of the disaffiliation process, will become effective July 1, 2023.   
WHAT'S NEXT  Pending approval by the UMC Peninsula Delaware Annual Conference this June, and completion and signing of a formal disaffiliation agreement soon after that, the Harbeson Methodist congregation's denominational disaffiliation/transfer to the GMC should be finalized by July 1, 2023.
While the congregation remains affiliated with the UMC until the formal disaffiliation/transfer is complete, we continue to be guided on both sides of this transfer by the mission and core values we strongly affirmed as part of this discernment process:
Reflecting the light of Jesus
as we make disciples
through faith, hope and love.
Core Values:
Jesus-Centered, Loving Family Connection,
All Ages, All Welcome!
Links to Background Information
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