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"Reflecting the light of Jesus as we make disciples through faith, hope and love."

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Come join us this Sunday December 5, 2021

What are we waiting for?
Could it be to do something brave?
Last week I asked you to do something weird -- to pray advent blessings over specific people in your life you find yourself angry with or admiring.  “Come Lord Jesus, be their/our righteousness” (Jeremiah 33:16).  
This week I will be asking you to do something brave.   The prophet Malachi said One who is coming is like a refiner's fire and industrial grade detergent.  Augers, sandpaper, and detergents clean out, smooth, and make ready cloth, surfaces, and pipes.  But who or what will best scrape, clean, root or melt out whatever needs to be scraped, cleaned, rooted, or melted out of our souls -- without destroying us in the process?
Come and see.  You may find yourself both more brave and more blessed than you ever thought possible.  
--Pastor Dave