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Come join us this Sunday, January 30, at 9:30am.
This Week's Message
"Walk Worthy: Dealing with Conflict (part 2)"
Luke 10:25-42
Conflict with people.  Ughhh!

It seems like it's one of those things we can count on always being there.  Like death and taxes.  Ugggh!  
But there is some good news here. . .  
We have spiritual resources
to live through the adventure of conflict on every level,
and, destructive as it can be,
to come out of it as better people now and in eternity.
This week we’ll look at conflict within the household of faith (Luke 10:25-37 Who is my neighbor?), and even with those closest to us including family members (Luke 10:38-42 Jesus, Mary, and Martha).
How shall we “walk worthy” through such conflict?  Come and see!
--Pastor Dave